January 9, 2012

Exciting news

In a couple of months, I will be take photos for a wedding! I have my first wedding shoot! It is so exciting and nerve-wracking. Overall, it should be a fun experience and hopefully most of the photos will turn out great. This is almost as exciting as my own wedding day! (Okay, maybe not quite so much) Oh yeah, and did I mention I'll be flying out of state? Also fun and exciting.... though it will be the first time Mr. W and I have been states apart as a married couple. 

Stay tuned for how things go the next couple months.

Tomorrow I'm headed out to do mom and infant shots, which I am also quite excited about.

p.s. any tips, advice, pose ideas, etc. are more than welcome - what are some of your favorite wedding photos or styles?


  1. How exciting! You're embarking on such a wonderful journey. I have loved working with all kinds of people! I just posted a few from my shoot today with my daughter, Heidi and her baby. Find fun things to put the baby in, baskets, hammocks, planters, whatever... and if you're not using Lightroom by Photoshop, it's fantastic for post processing! Can't wait to follow your new career!

    Lorie Burningham

  2. Thank you, Lorie! We'll see how things turn out, and I may have to ask you about more tips in the future. My mom keeps mentioning how successful you've been as I've started treading on this territory. I have got a lot to learn!

  3. So much fun! Babies are one of my favorites!! I love using baskets, buckets, picnic blankets and other props! In case it's a newborn, using a heating pad under to help keep the newborn warm and cozy is a good tip of the trade. I also use a heater when needed to get those cute naked shots without having a crying baby/newborn! When I plan a photo shoot I also suggest to my clients what to wear, I typically ask them to pick a color or theme, always dressing with the season to help my photos flow together. I cant wait to see your work!