March 31, 2012

I love Mindy Gledhill

I just love every song she's ever made. I especially love her recording of "Be Still My Soul":

Isn't she lovely?

Because you've been wondering...

March 30, 2012

Sneak Peek: Garner Formals

Sneak Peek: Birthday Photobooth

Some friends of mine threw an awesome Mario-themed birthday party for their son.

I got to take photobooth pictures for these cute kids.

March 27, 2012

Totally fun to watch

Have you seen OK GO? You probably have... even without knowing it.... maybe that's a stretch. Maybe you've even seen this video already. I say this because I saw it in an advertisement on YouTube, which says to me that millions of people (over 18 million, actually) have already seen it and I'm not hipster (nor do I want to be... it's just so old). Anyway, if you HAVEN'T seen this or HAVE and want to watch it again, I just hope you enjoy it. OK GO tends to be creative with music videos and this one is fantastic.

March 24, 2012

Sneak Peeks: Chantel's Senior Portraits

 While I was in Utah taking wedding photos, this awesome friend/slave/saint drove me everywhere. She helped me see all the wonderful people I have been missing, which made one of the best weekends ever. As a small gift in return for her friendship and charity, I took her senior photos. Check out this beautiful, marketing-savvy, soon-to-be BYU alumna!

March 12, 2012

Star Wars Uncut

I love Star Wars, and I just watched this with Mr. W. It's the entire film recreated with segments created by a million fans. I have to warn you that there are very few parts with some language and some sexual references, but for the most part it's pretty great. It's really interesting to see what different people did. Some people are ridiculous and others are extremely talented. Hopefully you'll enjoy it! 

My favorite clip is 1:40:30-1:40:38.

Now Introducing


If you're getting pictures from me and are interested in getting announcements,
I am designing them for no extra cost.

Here are the announcements I have made for Baby E

March 10, 2012

KONY 2012


Because this is so simple, I am going to show my support. Several years ago I watched this man's videos about the Invisible Children. My entire school had an assembly for it. It was extremely moving, though I felt I couldn't do very much besides sign their pledge on their website. 

I think I forgot about that whole experience a couple years later when I watched "Hotel Rwanda" in another class. Besides the movie being so depressing, I felt terrible realizing that I could not do anything to support those suffering people because it happened over 14 years earlier.

To see this movie after those past two experiences, I am excited. Obviously I haven't been the most supportive person through this, but why not keep doing the simplest I can if not more?

This is important to me that I do something to help this situation since I can.

Even if you don't watch the whole thing, please share the video. I believe that as we support the arrest of Joseph Kony, we will be very helpful in the arrest of other international criminals. I know we won't be free from them, but we should do our best to keep goodness around.

Here are the links you need to go to: (remember: April 20, 2012)

Sneak Peeks: Baby E

March 7, 2012

Drive By Shooting 2

drive by shooting : (n) the act of taking photographs while being driven in a car.

Point Reyes Cows

Mr. W and I celebrated our engagement anniversary this year by visiting Point Reyes. We wanted to go for a hike and picked a trail that seemed like it could be nice. It was known to have cows, but we were not expecting the trail to be blurred by a large herd. We walked as far as we felt safe, which wasn't too far. I've been around cows before and know they can be quite skittish, but these cows stood there and stared at us. In the background we could see to cows fighting, too. I was intimidated, so our goal was to wait till we were completely surrounded then to dash back to the car. These were some pictures I got to remember that lame hike.