August 3, 2012

Some Art

I haven't posted on here in quite some time, especially about my art. I took a class Winter Semester in drawing and have quite a handful of pieces I thought I'd share. These are just some of them. I have some larger pieces I'd eventually like to photograph and post. A few pieces are some ones that I've recently started and haven't finished.

Let me know what you think - do you like any of them? do you have ideas for them? 
(these aren't being posted for sale now, but if you're interested let me know!)

"I must go"

Ink Study with a Canoe

Netted Ink

Ones So Far Apart Now Together Again

The Narwhal Catch

Up in Flames They Depart

If you haven't noticed, I started liking ink in this class a lot. These splotchy studies were originally just blotches of ink that I felt inspired (by Victor Hugo) to find something within them. I thought it was a good little exercise for creativity flow.


  1. JAAAANE! I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award!:)You definitely deserve it ;)